Ever seen someone go under water with cigar in their mouth? A real life Popeye man saved his pet dog from an alligator while keeping a cigar in his mouth just like Popeye.

The viral footage shows the man diving in water to pull his puppy from the jaws of an alligator. He dives into the water with a cigar in his mouth, and emerges from the water with the cigar still in his mouth. He is also holding his puppy and the alligator, which still had the dog in his mouth.

It really looked like scene from a Popeye cartoon. Take a look at the viral Cigar Dog Rescue.

The Cigar Hero was able pull the dog from grasp of the Alligator’s jaw. Reports say the dog suffered a puncture wound to the stomach, but is expected to survive.

That Cigar might be ruined from getting soaked in water, but the dog owner might want to keep it as a trophy to remember the moment he saved his dogs life with that cigar still in his mouth.

This man is not only a hero to dog owners everywhere, but also to cigar smokers everywhere. It would be interesting to see what the most famous cigar smoker Michael Jordan would have to say about this cigar dog rescue situation.

Author: JordanThrilla