Pookie Loc’s son is very angry about Gucci Mane dissing his father during the Verzuz Battle, and he sent a clear warning to 1017 and CTE. In a viral video Pookie Loc’s son Quint Leftside Ross threatened Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy.

During the footage Pookie Loc’s son says “F*** 1017 and CTE. Matter fact catch me a Big 30, I’m snatching someone off stage“. Pookie Loc’s son went on to say that people in 1017 and CTE will be getting robbed and their chains snatched.

Take a look at Pookie Loc’s son Quint Leftside Ross dissing CTE and 1017, and also what Gucci Mane said about Pookie Loc to anger him.

Around the 2:40 second mark of the video you can hear Gucci Mane say “Smoking on Pookie Loc Tonight“.

It’s clear Gucci Mane crossed the line with that disrespectful and unnecessary comment about Pookie Loc, but hopefully cooler heads can prevail.

If not things are about to get hectic for both Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy.

Author: JordanThrilla