City Girl JT caught Snorting Cocaine on Instagram Live with Yung Miami.

City Girl JT was caught Snorting Coke on Instagram Live today. In the viral video City Girl JT is seen snorting white powder very heavily on IG live while talking to Yung Miami. The shameful video shows just how low JT has sunken.

In an era where well known superstars both in the music industry and social media realm, are dying from drug overdoses this video was sad to see. Drug use is very bad, and recipe for disaster if you become addicted.

The fact that City Girl JT snorts the coke so confidently and nonchalantly, might mean she is a regular user of the horrible drug. Lets hope she gets the help she needs, or her friends organize some type of intervention for her. We wouldn’t want to see another famous person die at the hands of illicit drugs.

Author: JordanThrilla