Dallas Restaurant “TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails” is going viral for banning Twerking inside their business. In new video the Dallas restaurant “True Kitchen” kicked out twerking women during a celebration. It has caused a lot of backlash on social media, but the reasoning behind it was noble.

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The owner of the True Kitchen + Kocktails restaurant explained to the twerking women that he wanted to create a respectable environment that black people could eat peacefully at. He went on to say “how can I tell men to respect themselves if you all are twerking in glasses”.

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The question is who crossed the line True Kitchen or the twerking women. Take a look.

Judging from the video it appears the twerking women were celebrating a birthday or some other important event. However, it does seem like they went too far when they started twerking on the tables.

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It seems understandable why the Dallas Restaurant “True Kitchen” kicked the twerking women out. It seems some of the people there felt very uncomfortable about the situation, even the woman recording the incident.

At the same time it’s also understandable why some people feel the situation was handled the wrong way, it could be seen harmless fun.

Author: Jordanthrilla

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