Teanna Trump on O-Block in Chicago? Lil Reese responded to Teanna Trump wanting to visit O-Block.

In a viral tweet Teanna Trump said “Someboy take me to O Block“. Lil Reese quickly responded saying “Where you at, we got you“.

Is Lil Reese trying to smash? Or would he really give Teanna Trump an O-Block tour?

If Lil Reese takes Teanna Trump to O-block it would be a legendary moment for Hiphop. It would be the first time a major adult film star walked on O-block, which is the most dangerous area in Chiraq.

Tekashi69 went to O-Block for the second time earlier this year, and now Teanna Trump might grace O-block too. It must have something to do with people who’s name start with letter “T”.

Author: Jordanthrilla