Damian Lillard sister exposed Paul George married a stripper in a viral video. The very personal disrespect came after Paul George and Patricky Beverley clowned Lillard choking against Clippers with their season the line.

Damian Lillard’s sister said “I’m getting real personal” before saying that Paul George Wifed and impregnated a stripper.

Paul George’s history with his current wife is well known to some, but not known to many. Awhile back it was rumored he was trying to pay her to get an abortion. This was all before he decided to marry her. This is why Damian Lillard’s sister is calling out Paul George for marrying the stripper now. She was trying to hit him where it hurts in his ego, which may or may not have worked.

One thing is for sure Paul George and Patrick Beverley successfully got Damian Lillard’s entire family in their feelings. They are probably watching the reactions saying their troll job was success.

Author: JordanThrilla