Draymond Green was fined $50K for Devin Booker tampering on Inside the NBA. When Charles Barkley asked Draymond Green “Are you tampering” in a joking manner, Charles Barkley implicated Draymond Green. Given their history of beef, you have wonder if he implicated on purpose or by mistake.

When Draymond Green answered Charles Barkley’s tampering question saying “maybe”, you knew some type of fine was coming next.

Draymond Green definitely went too far with his jokes, even if he didn’t mean it. When he said “get my man out of phoenix” that was ultimate disrespect to Devin Booker’s teammates. Draymond Green likely thought he had immunity since he was filling in as a host on Inside the NBA.

Now Draymond Green is out of $50,000 for tampering with Devin Booker. Even with their season over Warriors player are still taking L’s.

Author: JordanThrilla