DJ Quik is looking for Comedian Ari Shaffir, because he celebrated Kobe Bryant’s death. Ari Shaffir posted a video on Instagram disrespecting Kobe’s death, and DJ Quik is very mad.

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In a new video, DJ Quik is seen looking for Ari, and any information that can lead him to finding him. He even asks his Instagram followers for their support in his search.

It’s not clear whether DJ Quik is just joking around, or if he serious with his search, but lets hope cooler heads prevail.

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Most people don’t want to see a Dj Quik vs Ari Shaffir fight at time where as much peace and unity as possible is needed. Who knows though, maybe he just wants to meet Ari Shaffir for a cup of tea.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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