Donald Trump hasn’t given up on winning the election, even though the entire world sees Joe Biden as the new president. Donald Trump sued Pennsylvania and demanded that they invalidate Joe Biden’s victory.

Donald Trump’s “Two Track” system conspiracy theory is fueling this latest lawsuit. Trump believes he has evidence that Pennsylvania’s “Two-Track” system treated in person voters and mail in voters with different standards.

Trump alleges that all checks and balances used for in person voters, was not used for mail in voters. Most notably he accused Pennsylvania of not verifying the identity of mail in voters, counting mail in votes that came three days late with no timestamped postmark, and having no monitoring over the count of mail in votes. All the aforementioned things were done only for in person voters in PA according to the Trump administration.

Around 3 million of the votes counted in PA were from mail in voters. Joe Biden won the state by around 45,000 votes.

If Donald Trump’s claims are proven true, it would technically violate two parts of the US Constitution. Those would include the Elections and Electors clause, and the Equal protection clause.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Joe Biden has to be on edge right now, because this lawsuit could put the entire election in jeopardy if successful.

However, it still seems highly unlikely the result of the election will change due to Donald Trump’s “Two Track” system conspiracy theory lawsuit. Joe Biden has already introduced the new first dog. Could you imagine how embarrassing it would be for Joe Biden if Trump actually invalidated the election and remains president?

Author: JordanThrilla