On most nights if a superstar shows up to a party everyone there will know who they are instantly. Considering the star status he has managed to obtain, Drake probably thought he was one of those celebrities that could show up to any party and any time, and walk in without be questioned. However, doing just that got him caught in an seemingly embarrassing debacle.

Drake showed up to a party uninvited then people started asking him “Who Are you and Who Invited You?”. As seemingly tried to kick Drake out he resorted to asking “Do you know who I am”. Drake has been having a tough time in the world lately, and it seems to have continued yesterday. When Drake showed up to the party unannounced he didn’t know it would be a legendary L.

When shocked Drake responded “You don’t know who I am?”, the perplexed look on his face was priceless. He looked more embarrassed than the time he was booed off stage recently.

Hopefully Drake can recover from this embarrassing moment.

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