Is Drakeo The Ruler gay? Westcoast rapper “Drakeo The Ruler” played gay audio during his Instagram Live, and it has people questioning which side of the spectrum he is really on. Drakeo The Ruler’s reaction to the gay audio playing has since went viral.

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Someone talking about Drakeo The Ruler getting smashed by another man is heard during his IG Live, which frantically makes him try to mute the phone. However, it was too late as the world had already heard enough to say Drakeo The Ruler came out the closet on Instagram Live accidentally.

After hearing the gay audio during Drakeo The Ruler’s IG Live, some of the poses he made in old pictures might have a whole new meaning to some people.

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On the same day he got released from prison, Drakeo The Ruler got exposed as gay possibly, and it was his own fault. That’s a situation most people would have never predicted. The Drakeo The Ruler gay audio incident will probably never be forgotten.

Author: JordanThrilla

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