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Gene Deal Says He Saw the Check that was Paid For the Tupac Murder Hit and Who Got Paid For It


In a shocking interview video, Gene Deal revealed that he allegedly saw the check that was written to pay for the murder hit of Tupac Shakur.

He also claims he saw who it got paid to. The claims seem to crazy to believe, for more than a few reasons. The main reason being how he felt comfortable letting the world know this, after all these years.

What changed, and why did he hold on to that information for so long? Does he realize that he can investigated by FEDS for saying something like that?

The mysteries surround the unexpected death of 2pac, will never stop being a hot topic of discussion. Gene Deal just added more to the mystery, and may have got himself some unwanted attention from people who may still have interest in catching the people responsible for Tupac’s death.

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