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Inmate Beats Up R Kelly in His Prison Cell at Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center

An Inmate beat up R Kelly in his prison cell at Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center where he is being held. Reports say the Inmate attacked R Kelly as he walked by him, catching him off guard. Police reports say the Inmate punched R Kelly as he was sitting on his bed in his jail cell.

You won’t believe what the inmate said motivated him to beat up R Kelly.

The inmate that attacked R Kelly was mad about the prison being forced into lockdown due to R Kelly protesters. The inmate took out his anger by beating up R Kelly, making it a double whammy situation. Ironically, the protesters where probably hoping someone would put hands on R Kelly, so in a way their protests where extremely effective.

The inmate he made a huge mistake, because now that people know R Kelly was attacked because of protesters it gives those protesters more motivation to continue protesting. The Inmate wanted the protesting to stop, but he might have given it more life by beating down R Kelly.

Author: JordanThrilla

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