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NBA players decided to resume the 2020 playoffs at Orlando Bubble despite the Jacob Blake shooting after an emotional meeting Thursday morning. After a meeting on Wednesday ended with Lakers and Clippers storming out and saying they wanted to boycott the rest of the playoffs, cooler heads prevailed Thursday morning as players and NBA executives came to an agreement to continue the 2020 NBA playoffs.

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NBA Vice President Mike Bass said 2020 playoffs games will continue either Friday or Saturday. NBA released an official statement.

In order for NBA players to agree to continue the 2020 playoffs at Orlando Bubble amid the Jacob Blake shooting, they allegedly demanded that NBA owners take REAL action towards the fight against social injustice. NBA owners pledged to do more, and players pledged to finish the 2020 NBA playoffs at Orlando Bubble.

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What remains to be seen is how the owners will live up to their pledge to do more to fight racial injustice. Only time will tell.

Author: JordanThrilla

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