Is Bronny James taking HGH? A new photo of Bronny James’ HGH jaw and neck is sparking a Bronny James HGH Conspiracy theory.

Bronny James is only 16, but now looks at least 30 years old. It appears he has grown to around 6’5, and is almost the same size as Lebron James. As we know Bronny James performance on the basketball court has been less than stellar, which may have made Lebron James resort to putting him on an HGH regimen.

Take a look at Bronny James’ HGH jaw and neck.

As you can see in the photo above Bronny James jaw and neck is already bigger than Lebron James jaw and neck. The photo below gives you a closer look.

Now take a look at Bronny James at 16 compared to Lebron James at 16.

When Lebron James was 16 many people thought he looked much older, and Bronny James makes the 16 year old Lebron look like a little kid.

Since it can’t be proven that Bronny James is on HGH, it remains a Bronny James HGH Conspiracy Theory. Whatever he is doing hopefully he reaches his dream of making the NBA.

Author: JordanThrilla