Is LaMelo Ball trolling the NBA Media? Fans are angry about LaMelo Ball’s short answers during interview since entering the league.

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The situation came to a boiling point for fans when a reporter asked LaMelo if he was struggling with the shortened training camp. The potentially disrespectful and historically short answer LaMelo Ball said was “to answer your question, Just No”.

You can hear LaMelo say “just no” around the 2:30 second mark of the interview.

The biggest question is if LaMelo Ball is trolling the media or are the short answers by design? One theory is that LaMelo Ball gives short answers under the instruction of his agent. It would be hard for the media to twist the words of LaMelo Ball’s short answers to create fake stories, the way the media twists Kyrie Irving’s historically long answers.

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Some people say LaMelo Ball’s answers will get longer over time as he adjusts to the NBA, however the short answers could be a veteran move to avoid drama. It’s easy to see why this would frustrate fans and media though.

Author: JordanThrilla

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