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Jaylen Brown Knee Injury: Jaylen Brown Almost Tears His ACL After Jimmy Butler Pushes Him In Mid-Air While Dunking

Celtics fans worldwide held their breath when Jaylen Brown went down after a dangerous play. Jaylen Brown almost tore his ACL after Jimmy pushed him in mid-air while he was dunking. Jimmy Butler touched Jaylen Brown slightly, but in basketball that slight nudge is enough to change the way a player lands.

It looked like Jaylen Brown had torn his ACL, because he couldn’t move his leg or put any weight on it after the fall. Jaylen Brown was visibly upset at Jimmy Butler.

Miraculously after calling a timeout, Jaylen Brown was able to walk off on his own power and continued in the game. He even scored an And-1 layup on Jimmy Butler a few minutes later. This was the second time in Jaylen Brown’s career he escaped serious injuries. The first time was that scary neck injury after he fell on his head attempting a put back dunk.

Instead of headlines saying Jaylen Brown tore his ACL, they can say he almost did and that’s a blessing.

Author: JordanThrilla

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