JR Smith was caught spying on Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony with a creepy eyeball stare after Game 5. If you look closely at the picture of Carmelo and Lebron hugging, you can see JR Smith’s eyeball in the background. JR Smith’s eyeball in the Lebron and Carmelo photo looks like the kind you would see on a moving photo in horror movies.

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As JR Smith secretly stared down Carmelo and Lebron, it looked like he wished the group hug included him. JR Smith probably knows he blew his chance at being Lebron James’ lifelong friend after the Finals gaffe in 2018.

Take look at the creepy evidence showing JR Smith eyeball in the background of Carmelo and Lebron’s hugging photo.

JR Smith had a strange night where he even ran out of bounds during the game to shoot a three. Now JR Smith was caught spying on Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony after Game 5.

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At this point no one can predict what kind of story JR Smith will be a part of next.

Author: JordanThrilla

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