A Portland Protest Shooting was captured on video. An alleged Trump support was shot and killed during a clash with Black Live Matters protesters in Portland. The man who was shot was allegedly wearing a hat with “Patriot Prayer” designs on it, which is said to be a far right group.

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The Portland shooting video is tough to watch, and very tragic that a peaceful protest turned out this way. People on Twitter started to post pictures of the Portland shooter.

Portland police are currently investigating the shooting, but have not caught the gunman yet. The shooter doesn’t appear to be a BLM protester according most reports. The Portland Protest shooting comes days after two Black Lives Matter protesters were shot and killed at a protest for Jacob Blake.

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Protests are most effective when they remain peaceful, but this was a moment of pure chaos. That’s 3 lives lost in the past week during otherwise peaceful protests, because one person comes determined to start chaos.

Stay safe everyone.

Author: JordanThriller

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