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Lebron James Hugs a Carmelo Anthony Holding Back Tears About to Cry After Lakers Defeat Blazers in Game 5

Lebron James hugged Carmelo Anthony holding back tears about to cry after Lakers defeated Blazers in Game 5. In what might be Carmelo Anthony’s last game ever he put on a magnificent performance scoring 27 points on 56%. It still wasn’t enough to beat his arch nemesis and good friend Lebron James.

We all knew how the story would end in regards to this series, but Lebron James hugging a Carmelo Anthony about to cry was still heartbreaking to see if you’re a true basketball fan.

Carmelo Anthony went out like a true warrior would. He came into the season on short notice, and still was a focal point in Trail Blazers’ run the playoffs. Unfortunately Carmelo Anthony ran into the GOAT Lebron James. He was destined to lose this series before it even began, no matter how well he played. How cruel the basketball world can be sometimes.

Lebron James hugging Carmelo Anthony who is holding back tears after ending his season in Game 5 will be a moment people never forget. You’ll definitely see it in a commercial someday.

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