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Kamala Harris Saying “I’m Speaking” Goes Viral: Kamala Harris Tells Mike Pence saying “I’m Speaking” During VP Debate 2020

Kamala Harris saying “I’m Speaking” is going viral. Kamala Harris told Mike Pence “I’m Speaking” during the VP Debate. Mike Pence was trying to cut her off while she was talking, but Kamala Harris was having none of it.

When Kamala Harris said “Mr. Vice President I’m Speaking, I’m speaking”, it sent shockwaves through America. The assertive power Kamala Harris showed as a female on the stage touched a lot of people emotionally.

Take a look at twitter reactions to Kamala Harris’ “I’m Speaking” comment to Mike Pence during Vice President Debate 2020.


This moment is bigger than any moment during the Presidential Debate 2020. Kamala Harris just became a legend, even to people who aren’t vested in politics. The way Kamala Harris said “I’m speaking” to Mike Pence was historical.

Joe Biden had to be somewhere watching and smiling at that moment. Donald Trump is probably furious Kamala Harris embarrassed Mike Pence already.

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