Kobe Bryant Checked Out of Final NBA Game at 4.1 Seconds and Died at Age 41 4.1 years later, Conspiracy Theory with Proof.

While watching the replay of Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game we noticed something strange. Kobe Bryant checked out the game with 4.1 seconds left, then died in a helicopter crash at age 41 exactly 4.1 years later. The connection between 4.1 and 41, seems more than clear.

You can see on the clock he is leaving the game at exactly 4.1 seconds. Kobe was 37 years old at the time. Exactly 4.1 years later he died at the age of 41.

When you couple this with his last tweet to Lebron, and the shoes Lebron wore the day before Kobe died that said “mamba forever”, it all starts to seem so strange.

What all this means, no one exactly knows yet. The rabbit hole might go a lot deeper than most expect.

There are many theories out there about what exactly happened on that sad day. For example Dr Umar Johnson suggested in a viral video that Kobe’s helicopter might have been sabotaged.

Unlike those theories we have visual proof of the 4.1 and 41 connection, so if you’re a conspiracy theorist it might be something to look deeper into.

4.1 and 41 are numbers we will never forget after discovering this connection.

RIP Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the 7 others who died in the tragic crash.

Author: JordanThrilla