Lebron James’ bald spot is viral after he destroyed the Clippers with a game winning shot in Lakers first Orlando Bubble Season game. After Lebron scored with 12.8 seconds left to go, the camera zoomed in on Lebron James’ massive bald spot.

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It really looks like the hair transplant procedure has finally completely given up on Lebron.


Strangely, Lebron James hairline seems to still be intact, which could mean he is only focusing on retaining hair around his edges now. No one has seen Lebron’s bald spot this big before. He basically has a semi George Jefferson going now.

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It’s year 17 for Lebron James, but sadly it’s year 17 for his hair follicles too. It might be really time for Lebron to embrace being bald like Michael Jordan.

Author: JordanThrilla

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