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Lebron James says 35 Year Old Lakers Lebron Dominates Heat Lebron at 27 Years Old

Who would you take in the NBA Finals Lebron at 27 or Lebron at 35? The answers is easy for the man himself, Lebron James says Lakers Lebron would dominate Heat Lebron easily. The reasons he gave are downright scary if you’re an opponent listening to what he said.

Lebron James said 27 year old Lebron had no idea what he was capable of. The ceiling of his pinnacle hadn’t even been scratched yet. Lebron James had his most efficient NBA Finals this season at 35, so it’s hard to argue against that.


Lebron James on the Heat was a monster, but that monster is more cerebral than ever now at 35. Lebron hasn’t lost any of his athleticism, but now knows how to pick his spots on the floor without using much of his athleticism. Lebron James has quickly became a ridiculously efficient below the rim the player, that can play above the rim at any time.

Lebron James says the 35 years old Lakers Lebron dominates Heat Lebron. He also said there are many years left in his tank during this same interview, which is the scariest part. We may be witnessing the first true NBA dynasty in a long time. Lebron is in the midst of the longest prime ever seen in sports history.

Author: JordanThrilla

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