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Lil Wayne Shows Off New Africa Pride Continent Face Tattoo on his Forehead at Halloween Party

Tattoos of the African continent are a popular way of expressing one’s identity, heritage, or admiration for the diverse and rich cultures of Africa. Tattoos and other forms of body art have been practiced in Africa for thousands of years, with different meanings and purposes depending on the region, tribe, and time period. Some of the common reasons for getting tattoos in Africa were to cure diseases, protect against spirits, show affiliation to certain groups, and reflect personality traits.

If you thought Lil Wayne was done getting tattoos, you thought wrong. Lil Wayne showed off his new African Pride tattoo on his forehead. That tattoo is a cool abstract art design, which shows the outline of the African Continent, in its entirety. It is one of the more thoughtful tattoos that Lil Wayne has gotten. Take a closer look below, at the amazing new African continent tattoo.

In North Africa, tattooing was more prevalent than in sub-Saharan Africa, especially among women who used tattoos to adorn their bodies or indicate their social status. Nowadays, many people around the world choose to get tattoos of the African continent map as a way of honoring their roots, celebrating their heritage, or showing solidarity with the African people. Some also add other elements to their tattoos, such as animals, flags, symbols, or names, to make them more unique and personal.

Tattoos of the African continent are a beautiful and meaningful way of connecting with one’s African ancestry or expressing one’s appreciation for the continent.

Safe to say Lil Wayne is proud of his heritage. Wayne is known has a trendsetter among people in the tattoo world. We might start seeing more and more hip hop artist donning a African continent tattoo.

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