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Malik Beasley Had Secret Notebook Manual of Instructions on Smoking Marijuana Hidden Within Weed Stash

Malik Beasley was charged with fifth degree drug possession and threat of violence charges, but what police found inside his home is the most interesting thing. Malik Beasley had a secret notebook manual of instructions on smoking marijuana.

Malik Beasley Marijuana Smoking instructional manual was found hidden within his pot stash. According to police reports when they entered after smelling a strong marijuana odor, they quickly discovered Malik Beasley had over 1 pound of weed hidden in his basement.

That’s when they discovered Malik Beasley’s instructional manual notebook on how to smoke weed. The felony drugs charges are being brought against him and his girlfriend.

On the day Malik Beasley got arrested police were originally called due to a complaint he waved a gun at a mother and child who were house hunting. Things turned much worse for him when they discovered his alleged stash of marijuana.

Now that we know Malik Beasley’s Weed Instruction Manual Notebook exists and he allegedly had a giant marijuana stash, it’s crazy to think he never failed any drug tests during an NBA season. It makes you wonder if Malik Beasley is a drug dealer.

Malik Beasley is scheduled to make his first court appearance on November 19, 2020. It will be interesting to see if Malik Beasley’s secret notebook of Marijuana smoking instructions will be used against him in court.

There’s a high chance Malik Beasley’s NBA career is over, no pun intended. Malik Beasley was out here with secret notebooks on weed smoking, like Harry Potter with his secret magic spell notebooks.

Author: JordanThrilla

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