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Parents are Angry Over Video of NBA Youngboy Smoking Weed Next to Baby Child

Parents are angry over a video of NBA Youngboy smoking weed next to his baby child. In the footage NBA Youngboy smokes a blunt while his daughter sits on his lap drinking a Capri Sun.

While it can’t confirmed what NBA Youngboy was actually smoking, most people believe it was marijuana since he lives in California. Even it wasn’t that doesn’t change the fact he was smoking right next to a child.

Is this bad parenting? Take a look.

You definitely can’t argue with anyone who labels that video bad parenting, and in fact it could be labeled beyond terrible parenting. Not only could NBA Youngboy’s baby child catch a contact from the marijuana smoke, any type of smoke could damage her small developing lungs. It also sets a bad example at an age when kids are very impressionable of their parents.

NBA Youngboy has 4 kids and 1 one the way, so you would think he would be an expert at parenting by now. Videos like these have to drive Floyd Mayweather crazy knowing NBA Youngboy is the father of his daughter’s first child.

Author: JordanThrilla

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