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Patrick Beverley Fights Referee and Gets EJECTED With Only 2 Points from Game 2 Clippers vs Nuggets

At some point Patrick Beverley has a hulk moment in every playoff series he’s in, and that moment just happened. Patrick Beverley fought the referee and got ejected with only 2 points from Game 2 Clippers vs Nuggets. Patrick Beverley even pushed Clippers personnel off, that was trying to hold him back from the referee. It was a fight that consisted of verbal warfare.

Clippers were in desperation mode with little time left in the game, and Patrick Beverley went crazy on defense with the fouls. For some reason Patrick Beverley didn’t agree the whistles on obvious fouls he was committing. That’s when he just snapped on the referee.

The funniest part about Patrick Beverley’s ejection is his stat line for Game 2. Patrick Beverley got ejected with exactly 2 points and 2 technical fouls. It was a performance for the ages from him.

Have the Nuggets gotten in Patrick Beverley’s mind, or is he playing mind games with Nuggets? Only time will tell how this series plays out. It’s really a toss up now.

Author: JordanThrilla

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