Black woman reacting to TikTok User creating "Super Straight". TikToker who created "Super Straight"

These days there is a random name for every type of $exual preference under the sun, and with this trend a man on TikTok decided to make his own spin on things. People are now angry this TikToker created a new $exuality called “Super Straight” with its own flag. The “Super Straight” Flag consists of brown and yellow colors.

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What Does being “Super Straight” Mean?

A person who is “Super Straight” will not date Transgender women under any circumstances. The man also claims “Super Straight” can’t be accused of being prejudice, because it’s only their $exuality. However, people feel this is a feeble attempt at people trying disrespect Transgender people without repercussions. It seems to them this is the TikToker’s response to people who say straight people can date Transgender Women, and still be straight.

The TikTok user who created this new category was seen urging people to put the “Super Straight” flag in their bios.

TikTok user revealing "Super Straight" flag that is brown and yellow. TikToker shows "Super Straight" flag

All things considered there technically shouldn’t be a problem with people supporting this “super straight” $exuality as long as they don’t go out their way to disrespect people who fall under other $exual categories. The same way people should respect people who are homo$exual, bi$exual, or “regular straight”, is the same respect “super straight” people should have too if you are being 100% fair.

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However, given this social media age we are in, there is high chance this TikToker created this new category just to spite the recent surge of Transgender movements, which would make it disrespectful and offensive to many people. It’s no coincidence stuff like this happening around the same time Joe Biden changed many laws such as allowing Transgender women on cisgender female sports teams.

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Based on the definition of “Super straight” there’s a possibility Ben Simmons wouldn’t fall under this category.

Author: JordanThrilla

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