People Close To ASAP Rocky Are Mysteriously Dying Because of Dark Illuminati Magic with Proof. “Don’t get close to A$AP Rocky” goes viral.

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Rumors of ASAP Rocky being involved with the Illuminati are catching fire, after it was noticed that people around ASAP Rocky were dying mysteriously.

Here is a time line of the mysterious deaths of people close A$AP Rocky.

ASAP Rocky’s Father passed away on December 25, 2012.

A$AP Yams passed away January 18, 2015.

ASAP Rocky’s Sister died in September of 2016.

ASAP DJ J Scott passed away February 2, 2020.

DJ J Scott’s death is especially mysterious because he was known for being extremely healthy by his close friends.

Could this be the result of dark Illuminati magic that ASAP Rocky got his friends involved in? There was once a photo where ASAP Rocky appeared to be in the midst of an evil ritual.

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You can see him holding a big book likely filled with instructions, while his friends hold a smaller books in the background. It definitely looks like the type of book you would see if someone was practicing witchcraft.

All in all we will never really know the truth, but the evidence at hand suggests something very strange and otherworldly is going on.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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