In the black community colorism is an issue that many people get emotional about, which landed Mulatto in some controversy. People are cancelling Mulatto for allegedly saying Colorism doesn’t exist during a Clubhouse interview. Mulatto responded to people cancelling her, by claiming she would never say colorism doesn’t exist.

This led to people calling out her “Mulatto” rap name as a form colorism in itself, as angry fans vowed to mute Mulatto and accused her of being a “bundle thief”.

Take a look at peoples reactions to Mulatto saying colorism doesn’t exist, and her emotional response.

The use of all caps in Mulatto’s response tells of the whole story of how this situation is getting to her emotionally. The situation is confusing, because people are adamant that Mulatto said colorism doesn’t exist, while she is adamant that she didn’t. If she is telling the truth, how did a mass amount of people misconstrue her words?

One theory is that Mulatto is in full damage control mode. This incident could haunt her career for a very long time, even if she didn’t say colorism doesn’t exist. It has already shed a controversial light on major part of her rap identity, which is her stage name “Mulatto”.

The racial term “Mulatto” was first used during slavery in 1595 to describe light skinned mixed slaves. Mulatto slaves often times got preferential treatment, because of their fair skin. This was one of the core components that created “colorism” in the black community.

In essence people believe Mulatto is promoting colorism, while allegedly denying it exists.

Author: Jordanthrilla