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Rapper Rick Ross had Seizure So Severe He Defecated while in Bed with a Woman according to new Book

Rick Ross's has released a new Memoir. A new memoir with shocking details about his personal life. The memoir revealed that Rapper Rick Ross Suffered and had Seizure So bad He Defecated while in Bed with a Woman.

According to People magazine a quote from the memoir says:

"I’d caught a cold the day before and had a bad cough. I’d been taking DayQuil and using Vicks VapoRub all day. When I went to bed that night I had a seizure. But I didn’t come out of it the way I usually do. My breathing was all messed up. At around 3:30 in the morning the girl I was with went downstairs and told Tomcat I had defecated myself and was foaming at the mouth."

This details explain why Rick Ross made the drastic health change and lost so much weight. A situation like that is enough to scare a person into being healthy. Even the proudly fat Rick Ross.

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