Sauce Walka says he dates white women because it’s a good decision in a viral candid interview. Sauce Walka was standing outside eating an unknown food as he gave 100% honest answers to camera. He talked everything about what he was like at 5 years old, to dissing rappers for being fake street. He also claims that black people don’t value team work. However, when Sauce Walka said dating white girls is a business decision he caught everyone’s attention.

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Interestingly enough Sauce Walka allegedly put his assistant Miss Megan on OnlyFans. Miss Megan is a white woman, and it’s clear they were doing business together. This tells you that Sauce Walka meant what he said. The question remains, how will his female fans respond? On one hand Sauce Walka is saying he is using white women, on the other hand he is also saying he prefers to date a white woman. A double whammy.

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The worst case scenario is that Sauce Walka may have angered white women and black women with his remarks.

Author: JordanThrilla

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