Charles Barkley and Shaq always get in arguments on Inside the NBA, and the trend continued in the latest episode. Shaq’s reaction to Charles Barkley interrupting him on Inside the NBA is going viral.

During a segment about Jamal Murray’s layup over Lebron James, Ernie Johnson asked Shaq a question, but Charles Barkley interjected and spoke over Shaq. Shaq became irate and yelled “He said SHAQ not Chuck, shut the hell up” to Charles Barkley.

The tone in Shaq’s angry voice conveyed that he had been annoyed with Charles Barkley interrupting for awhile now. Usually Shaq reacts to Charles Barkley interrupting him by remaining calm.

This time Shaq couldn’t hold it in, and let Charles Barkley know “He said SHAQ, not Chuck” before telling him to “shut the hell up”.

Author: JordanThrilla