A viral video shows speeding truck running over a Philadelphia police officer during a Philadelphia riot protest for Walter Wallace Jr. The fast moving black truck mows down the police officer, and speeds off just as fast as it appeared on the camera. Bystanders were left in shock at what had just happened.

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It’s not clear if the speeding truck was part of the riots and protests, or just a reckless driver trying to mow through the crowd and mistakenly hitting a Philly cop. Take a look at the footage.

After the truck leaves the scene you can see every police officer on the scene come to aid of the Philadelphia cop who was run over. There are still no details on how serious the injuries the police officer may have sustained are.

When any type of vehicle is moving that fast through a crowd of people it becomes a dangerous situation for everyone. When it’s a large speeding truck running over Philadelphia police officers during riot protests like a game of GTA V, it’s definitely going to put all cops on edge, which could lead to use of aggressive force.

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Hopefully the police officer can pull through, and everyone can stay safe on both sides of things. Incidents like these ruin everything for the peaceful protesters.

Author: JordanThrilla

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