Tahiry allegedly threw two apples at Vado’s head before he choked her. By now everyone has seen the footage of Vado choking Tahiry, but no one knew what happened beforehand for him to get that mad. Now a new rumor says Tahiry provoked Vado by attacking him first with two apples.

This has led to people accusing Tahiry of trying to play victim for clout.

At first glance the footage seemed to leave out a lot of information. You see Tahiry talking about her aggressiveness, then the next moment Vado attacks her. It was perfect storm for Tahiry to pull the victim card on Vado. However, if this new rumor of Tahiry throwing two apples at Vado head before he choked her, the narrative changes completely.

All in all, Vado is still wrong for putting hands on Tahiry no matter what circumstances led to the moment. Tahiry is also guilty if she really threw two apples at his head.

Author: JordanThrilla