Secret Connection Between Jay Electronica Album Cover and Beyonce Revealed.

Jay Electronica’s album cover for a “A Written Testimony” has been getting a lot of praise, but a lot of people don’t know it is directly to connected to Beyonce. Jay Electronica’s Album cover is a picture of Beyonce’s pool. After Beyonce took a picture of her pool one day, Jay Electronica saw the picture, and knew it would make a great album cover.

At first glance Jay Electronica’s album cover doesn’t look like it is Beyonce’s pool. However, when you compare his album cover side by side with an old picture Beyonce took at the same pool, you begin to see how identical Jay Electronica’s album cover is to it.

The take away from this is that Beyonce is so rich and has swimming pool so big, that when you take a picture of it it doesn’t even look like a swimming pool. Most people thought Jay Electronica had a picture of some kind lake on the front of his album, low and behold it was just a massive pool in the legend Beyonce’s back yard.

That is true baller status.

Author: JordanThrilla