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Video of Doja Cat Racist Mocking of Cardi B song “Press” Goes Viral Again

Was Doja Cat being racist when she mocked Cardi B “Press” song last year? Some fans seem to think so as the old video where Doja Cat was mocking Cardi B is viral again. At the time no one thought anything off it, but because of recent events where a video was leaked of Doja Cat in racist chat rooms, the video has a whole new meaning to some people now.

Doja Cat mocked the way Cardi B articulated her words on the song “Press” to flow with the beat. It sounded exactly like how you would expect a racist person to mock hip hop music they don’t understand the art form behind.

This issue is still up for debate, was Doja Cat giving us a glimpse of her alleged racist tendencies when she mocked Cardi B, or was it all just fun and games?

Author: JordanThrilla

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