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Video of US Army Waiting with Guns on Hollywood Blvd For George Floyd Protesters Goes Viral

A video of the US Army waiting with guns on Hollywood Blvd for George Floyd protesters is viral. The footage showed countless army vehicles and soldiers standing guard with machine guns on Hollywood Blvd waiting for protesters coming towards the area. People are accusing the United States of waging war on it’s own people.

People first reported that cops were trying to block George Floyd protesters on Sunset and Vine, and urged people to go towards Hollywood Blvd. The US military seemed to be one step ahead and had already taken control of Hollywood Blvd with an over abundance of force waiting.

For many people it is beyond scary to go outside and see soldiers with huge guns just staring at you watching your every move. With the recent shooting incidents in Las Vegas, people are even more on edge. Stay safe everyone.

Author: JordanThrilla

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