There are some things you never do, and slapping Gillie Da Kid in his bald head is one of them. Wallo slapped Gillie Da Kid in his head, and learned the hard way he crossed the line. Gillie Da Kid fights Wallo almost, as he stared him down asking “Did you just finger f*** my scalp“. Wallo was begging Gillie Da kid not to fight, you could see he was very scared.

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If Gillie Da Kid fights Wallo in that moment, it would have gotten ugly. However, there was a good reason or excuse Wallo slapped Gillie Da Kid in his head.

Wallo claims he slapped Gillie Da Kid, because he saw a fly land on his head. However, if that were true then why didn’t Gillie Da Kid feel the fly land on his hairless head? The fact that the other hosts were saying Wallo disrespected Gillie Da Kid didn’t help his case either.

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The world was a few seconds away from seeing a Gillie Da Kid fight Wallo on a live podcast, all because of an alleged fly.

Author: JordanThrilla

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