A white woman lost 5.5K playing Three-card Monte with scam artists in a viral video. It was easy to see the woman scammed out 5.5K playing 3 Card Monte was getting played, because the people watching where trying not to laugh. Everyone knew something was up except the woman willing to bet $5.5K on a game of Three-card Monte with strangers. They even asked if she was really sure she wanted to play.

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When the white woman realized she was finessed out 5.5K she was speechless, the people watching were shocked as well. It was almost like they felt embarrassed for the woman. No one thought she would fall for the 3 Card Monte scam.

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Moral of the story is if the some random stranger challenge you to a game of Three-card Monte for $5,5K, you probably should decline.

Author: JordanThrilla

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