Is Yaya Mayweather pregnant. A new rumor floating around says NBA Youngboy got Yaya Mayweather pregnant. People posted a video showing her baby bump as proof. In the footage Yaya Mayweather walks through the mall and chills with her friends, and her belly looks enlarged like she’s pregnant.

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Take a look. Make sure to press the circle arrow on right side of the IG post to flip the page for the second video.

The reactions to the rumor have been mixed. Some people are saying NBA Youngboy made a huge mistake, because Yaya Mayweather seems crazy. Other people think that NBA Youngboy is set for life since he’ll now be connected with Floyd Mayweather’s money.

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If the news is true and Yaya Mayweather is pregnant by NBA Youngboy congratulations to them.

Author: JordanThrilla

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