12 Year old rapper Lil Rodney has been sentenced for attempted murder of a 1 year old baby. Lil Rodney will spend the next 7 years in a juvenile detention. Police allege Lil Rodney shot a 1 year old baby after he cut of his ankle monitor, which he had to wear due to a previous arson charge. The baby miraculously survived.

When Lil Rodney shot the baby, he was only 11 years old. Police showed evidence that Lil Rodney posed on social media with gun he used to shoot the 1 year old baby, after he had committed the crime. A Zoom video of Lil Rodney’s hearing where he broke down crying went viral.

The ironic part about the video above is that it was held only 1 day after Lil Rodney turned 12. He begged for another chance, but the crime he committed was way too heinous for that happen. How can you expect people to give you another chance after shooting a defenseless baby, or anyone for that matter?

The Judge exposed that Lil Rodney had used the same “one more chance” sentiment the last time he had got arrested.

Lil Rodney will be 19 years old the next time he is a free man, and quite honestly he’s lucky to only get 7 years. Hopefully the 1 year old baby that Lil Rodney shot will be able to live a normal life.

Author: JordanThrilla