Rapper 051 Aero got bonded out jail for $100K 4 years after his arrest. 051 Aero is an affiliate of 051 Melly and 051 Drilla. Most reports are saying the Chicago rap gang 051 put up the $100K bond to get 051 Aero out of prison.

051 Melly was murdered, so unfortunately he wasn’t able to see this day come. Take a look at the emotional video of a bonded out 051 Aero walking out prison after his homies put up $100,000 Bond. They have dubbed 051 Aero “A walking $100K”.

Instead of just wearing T-shirts that said “Free 051 Aero”, his friends really put up the bond money to get him out. Although it’s been 4 years, they could have easily used that $100k for something else. Instead they spent it on getting 051 Aero back on the streets of Chicago with his family.

Hopefully 051 Aero bonded out for $100K doesn’t end up being a waste of time. It would be sad if he gets locked again after all they hard work it probably took to get him out.

Author: JordanThrilla