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Chris Brown Overdose Death Face Tattoo With His Nose Bleeding Goes Viral as Rumors about Coke Abuse Mount

Chris Brown’s Overdose Death Face tattoo wit his nose bleeding is going viral as rumors about coke abuse mount. Less than a week after Chris Brown revealed his coke sniffing chain, he now got a tattoo that could be related to overdosing on cocaine. Chris Brown’s OD death face tattoo is depicts himself dying which is the scary thing. The OD tattoo shows Chris Brown’s nose bleeding which is common issue that coke abuser suffer according to science books.

You have wonder what would motivate Chris Brown to get such a depressing scary tattoo.

Is Chris Brown trying to tell the world something? Perhaps he is letting out his inner demons in the form of jewelry and tattoos. The biggest question people have is if Chris Brown is confirming he sniffed coke at some point. It has always been a rumor on social media, and there where incidents that went viral where it was alleged he was abusing coke.

When you add Chris Brown’s overdose death face tattoo to his coke sniffing chain, you can see it paints of picture of someone overdosing while using the drug.

Author: JordanThrilla

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