Chris Brown’s coke sniffing chain has sparked conspiracy theories that Chris Brown is a coke head. Chris Brown’s coke cutting chain was revealed in Instagram post that showed a golden razor blade with coke residue on it. The chain seems to signify how someone would put coke into lines before sniffing it.

This has people worried that Chris Brown is a coke head, and trying admit his drug problem to the world subliminally.

Back in October of last year, Chris Brown was allegedly caught sniffing coke at night club. Back then when we wrote an article about it, it was only a conspiracy theory. Chris Brown’s coke sniffing chain could be proof that he was actually doing coke back then.

Hopefully Chris Brown got the coke sniffing chain only because he though it looked cool. Or maybe he got it as sign that he is now drug free. Until Chris Brown himself explains it, these are all only speculations.

Author: JordanThrilla