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Dak Prescott Becomes First Quarterback in NFL History Michael Vick Style During Cowboys vs Falcons

Dak Prescott made NFL History Michael Vick style during Cowboys vs Falcons today. Dak Prescott became the first Quarterback in NFL History to throw for over 400 yards and have three rushing touchdowns in the same game. Ironically he did against the former team of the Quarterback you would think would have this record, Michael Vick.

Dak Prescott completed 34 of 47 passes for 450 yards. His quarterback rating was 109.4. Most importantly Cowboys got the win in what has a highly competitive game. Cowboys where down 19 points at the half.

To make this moment even greater, Dak Prescott engineered the game winning drive. It was just that kind of day for him. One for the history books.

After Dak Prescott revealed his battle with depression some weeks ago, it’s good to see something great like this happen for him. This could be a sign that Dallas might actually live up to the expectations this year, and make the Super Bowl.

Dak Prescott is the first NFL Quarterback ever with 3 rushing touchdowns and over 400 yards in one game. No one could of ever guessed it would be him to be the sole player with a record like that.

Author: JordanThrilla

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