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#SkipJobless Goes Viral as People Call for Skip Bayless to be FIRED Over “No Sympathy” Comments about Dak Prescott’s Depression

#SkipJobless is viral as people are calling for Skip Bayless to be fired over his “no sympathy” comments about Dak Prescott’s depression. Skip Bayless said he has no sympathy for Dak Prescott going public with his depression, which instantly made hashtag “Skip Jobless” start trending. People are very angry, because it was the death of his brother that led Dak Prescott into depression. His brother Jace Prescott was also suffering from depression before he committed suicide.

Does Skip Bayless’ no sympathy for Dak Prescott’s depression warrant firing him? Take a look at some reactions that made #SkipJobless go viral.

Most of the reactions to Skip Bayless having no sympathy for Dak Prescott explain how serious mental illness is. People believe Skip Bayless is making light of an issue that leads some people to death. To make things worse, Dak Prescott’s brother is a victim of depression, so to some it makes Skip Bayless comments horrific to say publicly.

Whether or not he is fired, Skip Bayless surely made a lot of new enemies by saying he has no sympathy for Dak Prescott being depressed.

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