Mulatto’s freestyle during 2020 Freshman Cipher is shutting down the internet, but Mulatto’s line letting Fivio Foreign know he can smash stole the show. Fivio Foreign’s reaction to Mulatto telling Fivio he can smash during her freestyle is going viral. After Mulatto said “I ain’t even f***** a rap dude yet, but if Fivio want it I ain’t going to pass on it“, you could see Fivio Foreign laughing and smiling like a kid in the candy store.

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It seemed Fivio was shocked Mulatto gave him permission to smash on Live TV.

Most people are wondering what will happen next? Will Fivio Foreign tell Mulatto he wants her? Is Mulatto bluffing, and just name dropping him to show off?

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Only time will tell if Fivio smashes Mulatto after her freestyle at 2020 Freshman Cypher.

Author: JordanThrilla

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