DJ Akademiks fighting Meek Mill in a yelling verbal altercation on Clubhouse has social media in a frenzy. The argument started when Meek Mill accused DJ Akademiks of posting negative things about him on social media. DJ Akademiks yelled at Meek Mill as he adamantly claimed he did not post anything about him.

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DJ Akademiks sounded like he was about to lose his mind when said to Meek Mill, “I didn’t post a nobody talking about you, I told you I’m not posting about you”.

Is DJ Akademiks telling Meek Mill the truth? Based on how emotional he got about defending his honor it wouldn’t be surprising if he is.

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However, Meek Mill is the ultimate hiphop detective, the guy who discovered Drake’s dark ghostwriting secret. When Meek Mill accuses you of something there is a high chance of it having merit.

Author: JordanThrilla

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